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why i live at the po summary


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In the short story “Why I Live at the PO”, by Eudora Welty, a saga of sibling rivalry is told through the eyes of one sister. The narrator of the story is only referred to as “Sister”. Sister seems throughout the story to be jealous of her sister. She acts so rightfully; as her mother, grandfather and uncle all seem to act favorably towards Stella-Rondo. Stella-Rondo comes off as a little whiney and she seems like she looks for pity from her family. She is the baby of the family, and she seems to use that much to her advantage.

The story is set in Mississippi in the early 100’s. Stella-Rondo had gotten married a few years earlier and had moved north with her new husband. Things apparently hadn’t gone as planned and they were separated. To her families’ surprise, Stella came home with a young daughter. Stella had insisted that Shirley T., her daughter, was adopted; but sister knew otherwise. This brought immediate tension between the two. Whether or not the girl was adopted, the family loved her instantly because she was Stella’s baby. I believe that Sister may have just said Stella was lying because she was jealous. She was the older sister; still living at home while her younger sister had moved out, gotten married and started a family.

The story goes on just to show more instances of sibling rivalry but the descriptions of the arguments are so unreliable due to the fact that they are told from a pessimistic point of view. Stella purposively makes up stories to get her sister in trouble. For example, she tells Papa-daddy (their grandfather) that Sister said she wants him to cut off his beard. Papa-daddy has been growing his beard since he sprouted his first facial hairs, so this obviously outraged him. Now, this could have happened how it was written, but when siblings (or anyone) fight, they mostly see themselves as the innocent one.

In the end, Stella keeps telling these stories about her sister and eventually it leads to Sister packing up to leave. She went around the house, taking everything that she had paid for, and moving in to her work at the Post Office (hence the name “Why I Live at the PO”). From Sister’s point of view, I would day that was what I would’ve done. There she was with the entire house turned against her. It would be a better story if there were a neutral narrator though.

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